Orange County Long Term Property Management

Orange County Long Term Property Management

Trust your Coastal Orange County rental property to the management professionals at Balboa Property Management

Trust your Coastal Orange County rental property to the management professionals at Balboa Property Management

Discover how easy it is to get started with Balboa Property Management 

Whether you bought your property recently or have owned it for decades, Balboa Property Management has the experience and local boots on the ground team to deliver trustworthy, accessible and efficient service.

The goal of any income property is to generate cash flow. By regularly inspecting your building and supplying you with quality tenants, it is our goal to assure you a hassle free experience while maximizing the return on your investment property.

Reasons to partner with us

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Extensive Inspections

Every property is thoroughly inspected between tenants using a 100-point checklist. We also perform annual inspections and make suggestions for upgrades to increase your profit.

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Trusted Maintenance

Our in-house, full-time maintenance team can handle anything from preventative maintenance to emergency repairs quickly and efficiently.

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Reliable Renters

Every application we receive undergoes aggressive screening measures, including background and financial checks, to ensure we only place the very best tenants. If a tenant situation ever takes a bad turn, we handle evictions and legal action for you.

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Skilled Marketing

Our in-house marketing team uses a number of powerful promotional tools to maximize your property's market exposure and keep your units consistently occupied.

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Stress-Free Rent Collection

We send out bills, collect incoming rent, & enforce penalties when necessary, so you don’t have to spend time chasing down late payments.

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Financial Reporting

Our digital account portals allow you to sign in at any time to view the latest statements and notes from our management team.

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Professional Expertise

Don't fall victim to California's notorious tricky landlord-tenant laws. We make sure your rental home is fully above board and keep your financial interests protected.

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Local, Hands-On Team

Our management team has been servicing rentals in Newport Beach & Orange County since 1998. We know the local real estate landscape well, and we use our market expertise to get you fantastic results.

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